Research Article

Troglitazone Reduces Glyoxalase I Protein Expression in Glioma and Potentiates the Effects of Chemotherapeutic Agents

Figure 3

A representative experiment demonstrating U-373 cell viability after 72 (a) and 96 hours (b) of treatment with TRG, 100 nM DOX, and TRG/100 nM DOX together at the specified concentration of TRG. (c) Time course of treatment of U-373 cells with 25  𝜇 M troglitazone (TRG), 100 nM doxorubicin (DOX), and TRG/100 nM DOX together. Combination treatments found to potentiate cytotoxicity are marked with an asterisk; other concentrations were found to be additive. Each data point is the mean and SEM of seven wells treated at the specified condition.