Journal of Oncology / 2010 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

BRCA1 as a Therapeutic Target in Sporadic Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Table 2

Ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential drug targets of BRCA1.

Drug classCompoundPhaseClinical trial numberStudy population

PARP inhibitorsMK4827Phase INCT00749502EOC
AG014699Phase IINCT00664781Advanced EOC
KU-0059436 (AZD2281)Phase INCT00647062EOC with or without BRCA1 mutation
KU-0059436 (AZD2281) in combination with doxorubicinPhase IINCT00628251BRCA1/2 mutation positive EOC
ABT-888 in combination with bevacizumab, carboplatin, paclitaxelPhase INCT00989651EOC
ABT-888 in combination with temozolomidePhase INCT00526617EOC
KU-0059436 (AZD2281)Phase IINCT00679783EOC with or without BRCA1 mutation
KU-0059436 (AZD2281)Phase IINCT00753545Platinum sensitive serous EOC
BSI-201Phase IINCT00677079Advanced EOC
ABT-888 in combination with topotecanPhase I/IINCT01012817EOC

HDAC inhibitorsSAHA (vorinostat) in combination with paclitaxel, carboplatinPhase I/IINCT00772798EOC
SAHA (vorinostat) in combination with carboplatin, gemcitabinePhase I/IINCT00910000EOC
Hydralazine and magnesium valproatePhase IIINCT00533299Advanced EOC

CHK inhibitorsUCN-01 in combination with irinotecanPhase INCT00031681Metastatic EOC

Proteasome inhibitorsPS-341(bortezomib) in combination vandetanibPhase I/II NCT00923247EOC
PS-341Phase IINCT00023712Platinum-sensitive EOC