Figure 1: Overview and schematic drawing of liver-lobe fixation and intravital TPLSM setup. (a) Exteriorization of the left lateral lobe following upper midline laparotomy, followed by fixation of the left lateral lobe to a solder lug terminal using an instant adhesive agent. (b) Placement of an anesthetized mouse on the stage and setup of the organ-stabilizing system. (c) A solder lug terminal was adhered in a waterproof manner to the surface of the left lateral liver lobe using an instant adhesive agent. (d) PBS was applied to the observation area, and a watertight thin cover glass was placed over the area. The solder lug terminal was held on by the organ-stabilizing system. A: solder lug terminal, B: instant adhesive agent, C: observation area, D: objective, E: water immersion, F: cover glass, G: organ-stabilizing system.