Table 1: Devices used for clinical trials of ICG Fluorescence imaging. adapted from: Marshal et al.; The Open Surgical Oncology Journal, 2010, 2, 12–25.

DeviceExcitation sourceFluorescence collectionDetectorWorking distanceField of viewDepth of penetrationIntegration time or frames per Sec (FPS)

Photodynamic Eye (PDE) HamamatsuLaser-emitting diodes (LEDs) centered at 760 nm, incident power not specifiedBandpass filter > 820 nmCCD20 cmNot given, but limited2 cmNot specified
SPY (Novadaq)Laser-emitting at 806 nm, 2.0–2.7 W, incident power not specified835 nm “camera,” not specifiedCCD30 cm56 cm21 mm DOP30 fps
FDPM imager (Texas)Laser diode, 785 ± 10 nm. <1.9 mW/cm2Notch filters at 785 nm, and at 830 nmGen III intensifier coupled to CCD, gain modulatable for tomographyVariable, but reported <76.2 cmMax reported FOV 900 cm2Estimated to be 4 cm50–800 msec
IC-View (Pulsion Medical)Laser diode 780 nm (0.16 W), incident power not specifiedNot specifiedCCDNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified
FLARE (Israel Beth Deaconess Hospital)LEDs emitting 745–779 nm, 14 mW/cm2Bandpass filter 800–848 nmCCD45 cm3.7 cm2–169.5 cm2Not specified200 msec
Custom system (Kochi Medical School)LEDs emitting light centered at 760 nm, incident power not specified840 nm cut-on filterColor CCD~50 cm78.5 cm2Not specifiedNot specified