Figure 2: Column diagram of the growth pattern of the liver metastases. In 20 out of 24 patients, the same histological growth pattern was found in all metastases arising in the same patient, however, there was a second growth pattern component in one or two metastases from 8 of these patients. In 4 out of 24 patients the liver metastases were with different growth patterns, but in none of these patients more than two growth patterns were observed. Patient number 1 has 4 metastases, all with a pushing growth pattern. Patient number 2 has 2 metastases with a desmoplastic growth pattern. Patient number 13 has 2 metastases both with a pushing growth pattern, but the second metastasis has a component with a desmoplastic growth pattern (P/D). Patient number 21 has 6 metastases, 5 with a replacement growth pattern, and 1 with a desmoplastic growth pattern.