Figure 2: Dovitinib increased the autophagy-mediated cell death in the breast cancer cell. (a) MCF-7 cells were exposed to dovitinib (15 μmole/L) for 24 h. Detection of autophagy was performed by staining the cells with acridine orange for 15 minutes and examined by fluorescence microscopy. AO-R indicated the formation of acidic vesicular organelles. (b) Cells were treated with dovitinib (10 and 15 μmole/L) for 24 h, and the autophagic vacuoles were analyzed by staining of acridine orange. Columns, mean; bars, SD (N = 3). ; . (c) The protein extracts from dovitinib-treated were subjected to immunoblot analysis for p-STAT3, STAT3, Mcl-1, beclin1, LC3B, p62, and actin.