Figure 1: A CD44v6kd affects Tspan8 transcription. (a) Flow cytometry of PaCIC markers in CD44v6kd and Tspan8kd cells; mean % stained cells ± SD (3 experiments); significant differences between wt and CD44v6kd cells: , significant differences between wt and Tspan8kd cells: s. (b) Representative WB (one of 3 experiments) of CD44v6 and Tspan8 in wt and CD44v6kd lines. (c) RQ±SD (triplicates, 2 repetitions) of CD44v6, MET, Tspan8, CD184, and CD104 RNA as revealed by a qRT-PCR; significant differences to wt cells: . (d) RQ of CD44v6 and Tspan8 after PMA stimulation, CD44v6 crosslinking, or CD44ICD transfection or in the presence of a γ-secretase inhibitor (GSI); RQ±SD of triplicates (2 repetitions); significant differences to untreated A818.4 wt cells: . A CD44v6kd affects additional CIC marker expression, most prominently Tspan8 that transcription is prohibited and can be partly rescued by CD44v6 activation/crosslinking, which requires CD44ICD-initiated signal transduction.