Figure 9: Correlation of mRNA with miRNA and lncRNA recovery. (a) Correlation of distinctly recovered mRNA in CD44v6kd versus wt cells (≥1.5-fold) with miRNA lower in CD44v6kd than in wt cells. (b) Signal strength of the 47 mRNA with higher recovery in CD44v6kd than in wt cells (full name of synonyms: Table S6). Comparison of lncRNA recovery in (c) wt versus CD44v6kd cells and (d) wt cells versus TEX, with distinct recovery being defined as ≥1.5-fold difference of the signal strength revealed by DS. Higher mRNA recovery in CD44v6kd cells displaying reduced miRNA recovery was only observed in 38% of the predicted targets, which might be interpreted as random. A potential impact of CD44v6 on lncRNA waits for elaboration. So far, we noted significant differences in lncRNA recovery between wt versus CD44v6kd cells as well as between wt cells versus TEX; the impact on miRNA targets remains to be explored.