Table 2: Baseline characteristics of study subjects.

VariableFrequency (n)Percentage (%)

Type of colorectal cancer
 Adenocarcinoma of caecum6118.9
 Adenocarcinoma of ascending colon309.3
 Adenocarcinoma of transverse colon216.5
 Adenocarcinoma of descending colon103.1
 Adenocarcinoma of sigmoid colon10933.9
 Adenocarcinoma of rectosigmoid junction288.7
 Adenocarcinoma of rectum6319.6

Starting dose of oxaliplatin (IV) in the treatment regimen
 85 mg/m221466.5
 100 mg/m251.6
 130 mg/m210332

Starting dose of fluorouracil in the treatment regimen
 400 mg/m2 (IV) plus 2400 mg/m2 (CIVP)21165.5

Starting dose of folinic acid (FA) in the treatment regimen
 50 mg/m210.3
 200 mg/m220764.3
 400 mg/m230.9

Treatment regimenAdjuvant: n (%)Metastatic: n (%)
 FOLFOX144 (44.7)67 (20.8)
 XELOX84 (26.1)21 (6.5)
 FOLFOX + avastin1 (0.3)0 (0)
 Oxaliplatin alone4 (1.2)1 (0.3)

NA: not applicable; CIVP: central intravenous pump; IV=intravenous.