Research Article

CD133 Is Associated with Increased Melanoma Cell Survival after Multikinase Inhibition

Figure 2

Patient-derived melanoma cell lines exhibit partial resistance to targeted kinase inhibitors. Dose-response curves of parental BAK (a), BUL (b), and STU (c) melanoma cells exposed to increasing concentrations (1 nM to 10 μM) of trametinib (T), dabrafenib (D), or both (T+ D). Cells were subjected to XTT cell viability assays 72 h after drug exposure; growth inhibition curves showing percent cell viability relative to control cells exposed to vehicle alone were plotted (left panels), and IC50 was determined (right panels) based on growth inhibition curves. For all experiments , , , or represent p<.05, <.01, <.001, or <.0001 compared to controls (exposed to vehicle alone); results are the means ± S.D. of three replicates of a representative experiment; essentially the same results were obtained in three independent experiments.