Figure 1: Characterization of novel lncRNAs during OSF progression to OSCC. (a) The schematic diagram for identifying pipeline for lncRNAs of normal mucous, OSF and OSCC, with a detailed description in the Materials and Methods. (b) Screening of candidate lincRNA, intronic lncRNA, anti-sense lncRNA type transcripts by comparison with known mRNAs and using class_code information in cuffcompare analysis results (screening class_code for i, j, u, x or o transcription). (c) Identification of novel lncRNAs by using CPC, IncRScan, and CNCI. 903 novel transcripts were selected using three software evaluated protein-coding transcripts and remove putative protein-coding transcripts. j: potentially novel isoform, as least one splice junction is shared with a reference transcript; i: intronic transcript; u: unknown intergenic transcript; o: generic exonic overlap with a reference transcript; x: natural antisense transcript, NAT; i: intronic transcript.