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Comparison of Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization-Radiofrequency Ablation and Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization Alone for Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Macrovascular Invasion Using Propensity Score Analysis: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Table 3

Baseline characteristics of patients undergoing TACE or TACE + RFA before and after matching.

VariablesBefore matchingAfter matching
(n = 254)(n = 141)(n = 139)(n = 139)

Median age (range)55 (25–78)56 (28–78)0.131a)54 (25–78)56 (28–78)0.183a)
Sex (M/F)217/37117/240.518b)112/27117/220.431b)
Family history of HCC (yes/no)30/22415/1260.725b)15/12414/1250.844b)
HBV related232/22129/120.959b)129/10127/120.657b)
WBC (×109/L)4.9 (3.3–5.8)4.5 (3.5–6.5)0.234c)4.7 (3.5–6.0)4.6 (3.6–6.6)0.542c)
PLT (×109/L)114.7 (62.0–144.5)112.9 (64.0–161.6)0.287c)98.0 (66.0–143.3)113.9 (65.0–161.8)0.542c)
AFP (ng/mL) (≥400/<400)114/14055/860.258b)54/8554/851.000b)
PVTT (%)211 (83.1)117 (83.0)1.000b)119 (85.6)119 (85.6)1.000b)
Vp13 (1.2)2 (1.4)1.000b)1 (0.7)2 (1.4)0.562b)
Vp217 (6.7)15 (10.6)0.323b)14 (10.1)14 (10.1)1.000b)
Vp366 (26.0)44 (31.2)0.434b)53 (38.1)51 (36.7)0.804b)
Vp4125 (49.2)56 (39.7)0.200b)64 (46.0)65 (46.8)0.904b)
HVTT (%)14 (5.5)7 (5.0)0.769b)7 (5.0)6 (4.3)0.776b)
PVTT + HVTT (%)29 (11.4)17 (12.1)0.825b)13 (9.4)13 (9.4)1.000b)
Tumor number (≥3/<3)111/14348/930.061b)47/9247/921.000b)
Tumor diameter (cm) (≥5/<5)156/9877/640.188b)88/5176/630.143b)
Child-Pugh class (A/B or C)136/11889/520.065b)89/5089/501.000b)
MELD score6.4 (3.9–8.4)6.0 (3.0–8.3)0.159c)5.6 (3.7–7.8)5.1 (3.1–8.3)0.812c)
TNM (III/IV)211/43125/160.136b)114/25123/160.128b)
BCLC (C/D)225/29129/120.364b)126/13128/110.669b)

Age is presented as median (range), categorical variables as number (%), continuous variable as median (interquartile range). a), t-test; b), chi-square test or Fisher’s exact test; c), Mann–Whitney U test. HBV, hepatitis B virus; GGT, gamma-glutamyl transferase; WBC, white blood cell count; PLT, platelet count; AFP, α-fetoprotein; PVTT, portal vein tumor thrombosis; HVTT, hepatic vein tumor thrombosis; MELD, model for end-stage liver disease; TNM, tumor, node, and metastasis staging; BCLC, Barcelona Clinic for Liver Cancer.

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