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EGFR Polymorphism and Survival of NSCLC Patients Treated with TKIs: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Table 2

EGFR genotype and overall survival of NSCLC patients treated with TKIs.

dbSNP-IDVariant type, location, and/or consequenceAuthor, year (ref)Genotyping platform usedGenotypeNo. of patients (%)Median OS (95% CI) in monthsHR (95% CI)RR (95% CI)

rs11534848Missense variant, 1562G>A, R521KZhang et al., 2013 [31]MassARRAY systemAA48 (35.5)10.0 (4.2–15.8)ReferenceNA
AG66 (48.9)16.8 (7.0–26.6)1.53 (0.94–2.51)NA
GG21 (15.6)29.4 (4.9–53.9)1.84 (0.86–3.95)NA

rs11568315Intron variant, g.55020560_55020561AC[n]Giovannetti et al., 2010 [57]TaqMan assayBoth alleles ≤ 16CA30 (31.9)7.9 (3.5–12.2)NANA
At least 1 allele > 16CA64 (68.1)11.6 (6.5–16.7)NANA
Nie et al., 2011 [60]PCR-RFLP and sequencingAt least 1 allele ≤ 16CA66 (57.4)15.9 (9.4–22.4)NAReference
Both alleles > 16CA49 (42.6)10.7 (4.7–16.8)NA0.81 (0.55–1.19)
Tiseo et al., 2010 [58]Fluorescent PCR and capillary electrophoresisAt least 1 allele = 16CA56 (74.0)12 (9.0–15.0)ReferenceNA
Both alleles ≠ 16CA20 (26.0)4 (1.0–8.0)1.95 (1.12–3.7)NA
Ichihara et al., 2007 [26]PCR and sequencingShort allele ≥ 19CA or the sum of alleles ≥ 39CA63 (64.3)NAReferenceNA
Short allele < 19CA or the sum of alleles < 39CA35 (35.7)NA0.96 (0.50–1.86)NA
Kim et al., 2017 [61]TaqMan assay and sequencingBoth alleles ≤ 16CA74 (28.0)NAReferenceNA
At least 1 allele > 16CA188 (72.0)NA0.89 (0.64–1.24)NA
Liu et al., 2008 [56]PCR-RFLPAt least 1 allele > 16CA59 (64.0)NAReferenceNA
Both alleles ≤ 16CA33 (36.0)NA0.72 (0.45–1.16)NA
Winther Larsen et al., 2014 [59]PCR-RFLP and capillary electrophoresisAny allele ≤ 16CA44 (71.0)19.6 (11.9–27.3)0.43 (0.23–0.78)NA
Both alleles > 16CA18 (29.0)8.4 (5.0–11.9)ReferenceNA

rs11977388Intron variant, g.150522T>CZhang et al., 2013 [31]MassARRAY systemTT50 (39.4)13.2 (6.1–20.3)ReferenceNA
TC64 (50.4)16.8 (7.2–26.4)1.26 (0.80–2.00)NA
CC13 (10.2)16.5 (0.0–40.4)1.34 (0.56–3.18)NA

rs2075102Intron variant, g.171581C>AZhang et al., 2013 [31]MassARRAY systemCC90 (70.3)11.8 (5.9–17.7)ReferenceNA
CA33 (25.8)16.8 (12.8–20.8)0.91 (0.55–1.49)NA
AA5 (3.9)29.4 (NA)1.15 (0.34–3.90)NA

rs2227983Missense variant, 1562G>A, R497KGiovannetti et al., 2010 [57]TaqMan assayGG or GA81 (88.0)7.4 (6.5–8.4)NANA
AA11 (12.0)8.0 (0.0–17.3)NANA
Nie et al., 2011 [60]PCR-RFLP and sequencingAA43 (37.4)17.4 (3.4–31.5)NAReference
AG47 (40.9)14.3 (7.0–21.6)NA0.81 (0.49–1.34)
GG25 (21.7)12.3 (1.1–23.4)NA0.71 (0.43–1.17)
Liu et al., 2008 [56]PCR-RFLPAA43 (47.0)NAReferenceNA
GG or GA49 (53.0)NA1.24 (0.74–1.95)NA
rs2293347Synonymous variant, 181946C>T, D994DZhang et al., 2013 [31]MassARRAY systemGG59 (46.1)21.0 (14.0–27.9)ReferenceNA
GA59 (46.1)15.0 (8.3–21.8)1.75 (1.08–2.86)NA
AA10 (7.8)2.0 (0.0–5.4)2.44 (1.06–5.56)NA
Winther-Larsen et al., 2015 [32]AS-PCR or PCR followed by sequencingCC252 (80.0)NAReferenceNA
CT or TT64 (20.0)NA0.73 (0.54–0.97)NA

rs4947492Intron variant, g.106268G>AZhang et al., 2013 [31]MassARRAY systemAA55 (43.0)14.9 (6.9–22.8)ReferenceNA
AG60 (46.9)11.8 (3.6–20.0)0.86 (0.53–1.39)NA
GG13 (10.1)24.6 (NA)0.29 (0.10–0.83)NA

rs7128295′ UTR variant, g.5031G>T, -216G>TGiovannetti et al., 2010 [57]TaqMan assayGG34 (36.2)8.0 (3.0–13.0)NANA
GT or TT60 (63.8)11.6 (5.7–17.5)NANA
Jung et al., 2012 [25]PCR-RFLP or PCR followed by sequencingGG63 (88.7)29.5 (17.4–41.7)NANA
GT8 (11.3)1.4 (3.7–39.5)NANA
Kim et al., 2017 [61]Taqman PCR and sequencingGG78 (32.0)NAReferenceNA
GT or TT162 (68.0)NA0.67 (0.48–0.94)NA
Winther-Larsen et al., 2015 [32]AS-PCR or PCR followed by sequencingGG134 (42.0)NAReferenceNA
GT or TT182 (58.0)NA0.89 (0.70–1.13)NA
Liu et al., 2008 [56]PCR-RFLPGG34 (37.0)NAReferenceNA
GT or TT58 (63.0)NA0.73 (0.45–1.19)NA

rs7128305′ UTR variant, g.5056A>C, -191C/AGiovannetti et al., 2010 [57]TaqMan assayCC78 (83.0)7.9 (7.0–8.7)NANA
CA or AA16 (17.0)6.0 (2.8–9.2)NANA
Kim et al., 2017 [61]Taqman PCR and sequencingCC195 (81.0)NAReferenceNA
CA or AA45 (19.0)NA1.19 (0.80–1.78)NA
Winther-Larsen et al., 2015 [32]AS-PCR or PCR followed by sequencingCC236 (75.0)NAReferenceNA
CA or AA80 (25.0)NA0.95 (0.73–1.25)NA
Liu et al., 2008 [56]PCR-RFLPCC81 (88.0)NAReferenceNA
CA or AA11 (12.0)NA1.09 (0.52–2.29)NA

rs7809028Regulatory region variant, g.198953G>AZhang et al., 2013 [31]MassARRAY systemGG60 (49.2)20.9 (7.4–34.4)ReferenceNA
GA53 (43.4)16.5 (10.2–20.4)0.74 (0.45–1.21)NA
AA9 (7.4)2.0 (1.0–3.1)0.52 (0.22–1.21)NA

OS: overall survival; HR: hazard ratio; RR: relative risk; NA: not available.

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