Research Article

Concordance of Genomic Alterations between Circulating Tumor DNA and Matched Tumor Tissue in Chinese Patients with Breast Cancer

Figure 2

Concordant and discordant alterations detected in ctDNAs and tissues. (a) Venn diagrams representing the counting number of alterations, SNVs, InDels, and detected amplifications (AMPs) detected only in tissues (blue), detected only in ctDNAs (green), and detected in both biopsies (overlap). (b) Oncoprint chart for 17 genes which had at least one concordant protein-coding mutation site or concordant gene amplification across all 41 patients. One vertical bar represents one patient. Green bar: mutations in plasma; blue bar: mutations in tissue; red bar: concordant mutation in two biopsies; orange bar: mutations in the same gene, but discordant in ctDNA and tissue.