Figure 4: If the baby develops in a proinflammatory milieu, it is another study. The Barker hypothesis comes with an inflammatory component but it is basically aimed at the mother due to placental hypoxia (it is basically responsible for the hypertension and prothrombotic features of Preeclampsia). In the Macrosomic fetus low-grade inflammation takes it is toll on AMPK activation, which due to it is inhibition 2 basic pathways are modified. First, Acetyl~CoA loss of inhibition, which lets loose adipogenesis and lipogenesis with increased intramyocellular lipid deposits. Second, while preadipocyte is differentiated to mature adipocytes, myogenesis is being stalled due to loss of activation of expression of genes that regulate myocyte development. FOXO: nuclear transcription factor; MEF2: myocyte enhancer factor-2.