Figure 4: Effect of a high-fat diet and treatment with AVE7688 on acetylcholine-mediated vascular relaxation of epineurial arterioles. Rats were fed a standard or high-fat diet with or without AVE7688, Enalapril, or Candoxatril for 24 weeks. Pressurized arterioles (40 mm Hg and ranging from 60–100  m luminal diameter) were constricted with U46619 (30%–50%) and incremental doses of acetylcholine were added to the bathing solution while recording steady state vessel diameter. Data are presented as the mean of % relaxation ± SEM. For these studies, two vessels were collected from each rat, studied, and the data combined. The number of rats in each group was the same as shown in Table 1. , compared to rats fed the standard diet (control), , compared to rats fed the high-fat diet.