Table 1: Effect of high-intensity intermittent exercise on subcutaneous and abdominal fat, body mass, waist circumference, , and insulin sensitivity.

StudySubcutaneous fat (kg)Abdominal/ trunk fat (kg)Body mass (kg)Waist circumference (cm)Type of HIIELength of intervention ml·kg·min-1Insulin sensitivity

Boudou et al. [8]  kg (2%)  min R8 weeks
Burgomaster et al. [37] 4–6 Wingate/4.5 min R6 weeks
Dunn [46]  kg
 kg (6%)  kg (3%)  cm (4%)  s/12 s R12 weeks
Helgerud et al. [39]  kg (1%)15 s/15 s R8 weeks
Helgerud et al. [39]  kg (2%)  min/4 min R8 weeks
Mourier et al. [40]  kg (2%)  cm (1%)  min R8 weeks
Perry et al. [41]  kg (.03%)  min/2 min R2 weeks
Talanian et al. [42]  min/2 min R2 weeks
Tjønna et al. [43]  kg (2.5%)  cm (5%)  min/3 min R16 weeks
Tjønna et al. [3]  kg
 kg (8%)#  kg (.3%)  cm (7%)  min/3 min R12 weeks
Trapp et al. [5]  kg (10%)  kg (10%)#  kg (2%)  s/12 s R15 weeks
Tremblay et al. [38]  kg (.1%)  s24 weeks
Warburton et al. [44]  kg (4%)  min/2 min R16 weeks
Whyte et al. [45]  kg (1%)  cm (2%)4–6 Wingate/4.5 min R2 weeks

Note: indicates increased; decreased; no change; —not recorded; body fat was assessed by skin folds; # trunk fat; SSE steady state exercise; Wingate 30 s flat out sprint; R recovery.