Table 1: Weight gain treatment options.

Mode or medicationWeight loss producedDuration of treatment

Behaviour modification0.5–0.7 kg per week
Cognitive-behavioral therapy4.5 drop in BMI
Naltreoxone and buropion4%
Phentermine and topiramate9%1 year
Sibutramine10–15%<1 year
Orlistat10.2%, 8.8%1 year
Orlistat>10%2 years
Amantadine3.5 kg3–6 months
NizatidineGained 3 kg less than patients who did not take Nizatidine16 weeks
Naltexone5 kg8 weeks
Topiramate augmentation10–15 lbs
Metformin15/19 patients lost weight12 weeks