Table 2: Change in the number of daily steps attributed to pain and BMI after adjustment for covariates.

Adjusted* beta [95% CI]

Knee Pain (10 unit increments on 0–100 VAS scale)−166.8 [−245.5, −88.1]
 <25 “healthy weight”Reference
 ≥25 and <30 “overweight”−989.4 [−1437.0, −541.7]
 ≥30 and <35 “obese class I”−2069.6 [−2540.1, −1599.2]
 ≥35 “obese class II-III”−3355.1 [−3899.4, −2810.8]

*Mutually adjusted for pain and BMI as well as age, sex, living situation, education, race, study site, Radiographic Knee Osteoarthritis, pain in the hip, ankle, or foot, comorbidity, depressive symptoms, and isokinetic knee extensor strength.