Table 3: Standardized effects coefficients, standard errors, and corresponding 𝑃 values for mediation models.

PredictorMediatorTotal effectDirect effectIndirect (mediated) effect
𝛽 SE 𝑃 valuea 𝛽 SE 𝑃 valuea 𝛽 SE 𝑃 valueaEmpirical 𝑃 valueb

Model 1
 Depression BED0.4090.1500.0060.2120.1830.2470.1970.1010.0520.0008
 Anxiety BED0.3990.1360.0030.1870.1810.3010.2120.1060.0460.0009
Model 2
 BED Depression −0.508 0.136<0.001 −0.404 0.1820.027 −0.103 0.0960.282
 BED Anxiety −0.508 0.136<0.001 −0.411 0.1680.014 −0.096 0.0990.329

aCorresponding to the two-tailed test statistics for models run with sample data.
bCorresponding to the two-tailed test statistics for a series of analyses with 10,000 permuted datasets.
Note: BED: binge eating disorder, signs of effects reflect coding of BED status as 1 and control as 2 in all analyses.