Table 1: Definitions of “healthy” based on 16 health-related variables.

LabelMeasureDefinition of “Healthy”

YOLYears of life (survival)Alive
SPLSatisfaction with the Purpose of LifeA score of 1 to 4 on a 10-point scale rating satisfaction with the purpose of life
FLWFeeling about life as awhole [7]A score of 1 to 3 on a 6-point scale
SOCSocial support [8]Fewer than 8 points on the 24-point social support score
DEPDepressionCenter for Epidemiologic Studies Short Depression score < 10 [9]
BEDBed daysNo days spent in bed in the previous two weeks
FLUSHFlu shotHad a flu shot in the previous year
COGCognitionA modified mini mental state examination score above 89 [10]
HOSPHospitalizationNot hospitalized in the previous year
EVGGSelf-rated HealthIn excellent, very good, or good self-rated health
LEVStressful life events (10 point modified)Event stress score < 2 [11]. Life events, occurring either to the person or significant other, include moving, death (of significant other), illness, worsening relationship, financial changes, robbery, caregiving, job change, new grandchild, or other stressful event.
EXSTRExtremity strengthNo problems with lifting, reaching, or gripping
IADLInstrumental activities of dailylivingNo difficulties with instrumental activities of daily living—heavy or light housework, shopping, meal preparation, money management, or telephoning
BLOCKBlocks walkedWalking more than 4 blocks per day, on average [12]
ADLactivities of dailylivingNo difficulties with activities of daily livingwalking, transferring, eating, dressing, bathing, or toileting
TWLKTimed WalkAble to walk 15 feet in less than 10 seconds (measured)