Table 4: Dietary intakes of subjects before the 4-week controlled Mediterranean diet intervention1.

VariablesNon-abdominally obese individuals
( )
Abdominally obese individuals
( )

Energy (kJ)2109102222111743507
Carbohydrate (% of total energy)
Protein (% of total energy)16.82.918.03.1
Fat (% of total energy)
  SFA (% of total energy)10.51.911.12.8
  MUFA (% of total energy)
  PUFA (% of total energy)
Alcohol (% of total energy)
MedScore (arbitrary units)*5.0
MUFA to SFA ratio21.440.551.320.26

SFA: saturated fatty acids; MUFA: monounsaturated fatty acids; PUFA: polyunsaturated fatty acids; MedScore: Mediterranean score.
1Values are presented as mean and standard deviation (SD). Data represent dietary intakes during the run-in period. Men and women with a waist circumference of, respectively, >102 cm and >88 cm were considered as having abdominal obesity.
Analyses were performed after adjustment for sex.
*Mean values were significantly different between groups before the Mediterranean diet by the General Linear Model procedure; .
2Analysis was performed on transformed values.