Table 2: Unweighted frequency and weighted prevalence of physical activity (PA) and sedentary behaviors, body mass index (BMI) categories, and other PA correlates among US high school students.

Category %(95% CI)

PA behaviors
 Daily PA (DPA) (≥60 min/day, 7 days/wk)162815.1(13.8, 16.6)
 Vigorous PA (VPA) (≥20 min/day, ≥3 days/wk)771069.7(67.6, 71.7)
 Muscle strengthening activity (MSA) (≥3 days/wk)566950.7(48.3, 53.0)
Sedentary behaviors
 Television (TV) (≥3 hrs/day)373428.3(25.7, 31.0)
 Computer/video games (C/VG) (≥3 hrs/day)277823.5(21.8, 25.2)
BMI category
 Obese (≥95th percentile)192219.0(17.3, 21.0)
 Overweight (≥85th to <95th percentile)184517.8(16.8, 18.9)
 Normal weight (≥5th to <85th percentile)600260.7(58.6, 62.8)
 Underweight (<5th percentile) 238 2.5( 2.0, 3.0)
Behavioral correlates of PA
 Daily physical education (PE) classes (5 days/wk)383336.3(30.4, 42.6)
 Sports team participation (≥1 team, past 12 months)669961.0(58.3, 63.6)
Environmental support for PA (agree/strongly agree)
 Sports equipment at home to use for PA763770.7(68.2, 73.1)
 Playgrounds, parks, or gyms close to home762468.4(65.0, 71.6)
 Neighborhood safe for PA by myself774673.5(70.5, 76.4)
Attitude toward PA (agree/strongly agree)
 I enjoy it927182.5(81.0, 83.8)
 I find it fun875478.1(76.6, 79.6)
 It gives me energy844175.6(74.1, 77.0)
 My body feels good857378.2(76.5, 79.8)
 It gives me a strong feeling of success858977.6(76.4, 78.8)
Adult support for PA (≥1 time/wk)
 Encourage you to do PA or play sports?822373.9(72.6, 75.1)
 Do PA or play sports with you?543648.5(47.5, 49.6)
 Provide transportation to PA or sports you do?744567.8(66.1, 69.5)
 Watch you do PA or sports?669961.8(59.4, 64.0)

BMI: body mass index = weight (kg)/height (m)2 (based on measured height and weight, using age- and sex-specific percentiles from growth charts developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).