Table 1: Nutrient profiles of the 3 study supplements (daily dosage).

Whole soy groupDaidzein groupPlacebo group

Energy (kcal)199.6192.5192.5
Protein (g)12.812.712.7
Total fat (g/d)
Total isoflavones (mg)49.363.00
 Genist(e)in (mg)19.400
 Daidz(e)in (mg)23.263.00
 Glycit(e)in (mg)6.700

Soy flour was purchased from Land Reclamation Dragon and King Foods Co. Ltd. (Heilongjiang, China), purified daidzein from Shanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co. Ltd, and milk protein from Pacific Dairy Ingredients Co. Ltd. (shanghai, china). Supplements’ isoflavones content was tested by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).