Table 5: Obesity risk factors* reported in reviewed studies.


Female gender Low high-school GPA Number of families living in same household Physical activity (−)Number of regular meals eaten daily Number of obese brothers
Male gender in college students Education level (−)Number of relatives living in same household Practice sports (−)Number of times per week eating at restaurantsNumber of obese relatives
Age High education in men Number of siblings Exercise in men (−)Degree preferring salt in food Paternal obesity
Being married High education in women (−)Degree of religiosity Smoking in men (−)Need for special nutrition program Maternal obesity
Kuwaiti versus not Educated wife (−)Treated dental health status (−)Dieting Arab versus South Asian ethnicity
Ahmadi governorate versus capitalWorking women Recent health check-up (−)
Field versus office work Health promoting lifestyle score (−)
High family income High depression score in men (−)
Socioeconomic status (−)
Employing household cook

Factors are positively associated with obesity unless inverse association (−) is noted in the parenthesis next to risk factor.