Figure 2: Levels of plasma triglyceride in nonobese (waist girth <90 cm), overweight (waist girth 90 to 101 cm), and obese (≥102 cm) grouped according to low (<6.5 ng/mL) or high (≥6.5 ng/mL) adiponectin. Overweight men with high adiponectin levels have significantly ( ) lower levels of plasma triglyceride compared with those with low adiponectin levels (a). However, after adjustment of adiponectin levels for leptin (ratio of adiponectin/leptin), levels of plasma triglycerides were significantly ( ) lower in those with a high ratio of adiponectin/leptin, regardless of waist category (nonobese, overweight, or obese) (b). Similar analyses are shown for HDL C. Levels of plasma HDL C were significantly ( ) higher in overweight and obese men having a high adiponectin level (c). However, HDL cholesterol levels were significantly higher ( ) in nonobese men after grouping the subjects according to a low or high ratio of adiponectin/leptin (d).