Table 6: Prevalence of undernutrition defined as underweight (low weight for age), stunting (low height for age), wasting (low weight for height) and thinness (low BMI for age) based on several references used: WHO 2007, CDC, Cole et al. 2007, and our Database.

ReferenceStatus Range Boys: (%)Girls: (%)Boys + girls

WHO 2007 [21] Underweight<10 yrs
Stunting8/15 yrs
Wasting<163 cm
Wasting I<163 cm
Wasting II<163 cm

CDC [19, 20] Underweight8/15 yrs
Stunting8/15 yrs
Wasting<121 cm
Wasting I<121 cm
Wasting II<121 cm

Cole et al. 2007 [9] Thin 8/15 yrs
Thin I8/15 yrs
Thin II8/15 yrs
Thin III8/15 yrs

Our DatabaseThin8/15 yrs
Thin I8/15 yrs
Thin II8/15 yrs
Thin III8/15 yrs (0.2)

: outcome, : total exposed, and range defines the limit or the subset to which the cutoffs were valid or available in the literature. World Health Organization (WHO) and Center of disease Control (CDC).