Table 1: Considerable studies showed that RYGB is associated with marked improvement in NAFLD.

StudyRefMain outcomesType of studySample sizeFollowup

Silverman et al., 1995[20]Improved steatosis and fibrosis Retrospective cohort9118.4 months
Clark et al., 2005[21]Improved steatosis, fibrosis, and inflammation Prospective cohort16305 ± 131 days
Mattar et al., 2005[22]Improved metabolic syndrome, steatosis, and fibrosisProspective cohort7015 ± 9 months
Mottin et al., 2005[23]82% improvement in liver steatosis and fibrosis not measuredRetrospective cohort9012 months
Klein et al., 2006[24]Decreased factors lead to liver fibrosis and inflammation Prospective cohort712 months
Barker et al., 2006[25]Improved histology of NAFLDProspective cohort1921.4 months
Csendes et al., 2006[26]Improved histology in 80%Prospective cohort1622 months
de Almeida et al., 2006[27]Improved steatosis, fibrosis, and inflammationProspective cohort1623.5 ± 8.4 months
Furuya et al., 2007[28]Improved steatosis and fibrosisProspective cohort1824 months
Liu et al., 2007[29]Resolved NASH in 60%Retrospective cohort3918 months
Weiner 2010[30]Complete regression of NAFLD in 83%Retrospective cohort11618.6 ± 8.3 months
Moretto et al., 2012[31]Resolved fibrosis in 50%Retrospective cohort78Unavailable