Table 5: Cross-sectional correlations between anthropometry1 and abdominal ultrasound measures at 3 months (487 infants) and 12 months (495 infants). Data are Pearson’s coefficients.

US-visceral depth US-subcutaneous abdominal depth
3 months12 months3 months12 months

Anthropometry at 3 months
 Weight SDS0.020.31**
 Length SDS−0.050.20**
 Ponderal index SDS0.11*0.27**
 Mean of skinfolds SDS0.050.31**
Anthropometry at 12 months
 Weight SDS0.030.30**
 Length SDS0.000.11**
 Ponderal index SDS0.040.26**
 Mean of skinfolds SDS0.10*0.30**

1SDS: sex- and age-adjusted standard deviation scores.
2US: ultrasound.
* , ** .