Table 1: Classification of hypertension in adolescents.

Blood pressure classificationAdolescents younger than 18 yAdolescents 18 y and older

NormalSBP and DBP <90th% SBP <120 mm Hg and DBP <80 mm Hg
PrehypertensionSBP or DBP 90th–95th%; or if BP is >120/80 mm Hg even if <90th% SBP 120–139 mm Hg or DBP 80–89 mm Hg
Stage 1 hypertensionSBP or DBP ≥95th–99th% plus 5 mm Hg SBP 140–159 mm Hg or DBP 90–99 mm Hg
Stage 2 hypertensionSBP or DBP >99th% plus 5 mm HgSBP ≥160 mm Hg or DBP ≥100 mm Hg

DBP: diastolic blood pressure; SBP: systolic blood pressure. Adapted with permission [20, 24].