Table 1: Research activities associated with CBPR Principles.

CBPR principleResearch Activities

Acknowledging the school community as a unit of identityInteract with full range of school representatives including administrators, SBHC personnel, students, and teachers
Building on strengths and resources within the school communityIntervention developed from prior work in target schools; use available resources (SBHC)
Facilitating collaborative partnerships in all phases of researchMeet regularly with all key stakeholders in participatory design
Fostering colearning and capacity building among all partnersIterative process to review emergent themes and reach consensus on intervention strategies
Focusing on local relevance of the public health problem of obesityACTION study focus derived from key school system stakeholders
Involving a cyclical and iterative processEach stage of research codeveloped, reviewed and, approved by partners
Involving a long-term process and commitment to sustainabilityMembers of the university team (UNM SBHC staff and PI) have over a decade of involvement in the school settings