Table 5: Postprogram predictors of weight loss maintenance ( )—Model D.

Wald OR (95% CI)

Limiting snacking in the evening
 Yes2530.536.901.71 (1.15–2.54)**
Limiting amount of fat consumed
Eating out less often
Limiting portion size at meals
 Yes2620.8416.712.32 (1.55–3.46)***
Keeping a food log or journal
Limiting soda or sweetened drinks
Counting calories

Note: ; ; .
The Wald statistic, which indicates whether for each variable is significantly different than zero, and the variable is a significant predictor of weight loss maintenance and is reported for all variables, but an OR is only reported for significant predictors. Each variable is presented in the order in which the repeated contrasts were conducted. Thus, within each variable, each level moving down the rows of the table should be compared with the level of the variable in the row immediately above it. Thus, ORs should be interpreted as the change in the likelihood of being a successful maintainer (SM) that results in a one-unit increase in the predictor variable represented by a move one row down in the table.