Table 3: Unadjusted linear growth curve modeling examining estimated effect on students’ baseline physical activity and physical activity trajectories.

Estimated effect on baseline physical activity
(minutes per day)
Estimated effect on physical activity trajectories
(minutes per day per semester)
Fixed effect valueFixed Effect value

Student Characteristics

 Female−12.5 (2.04)<0.00010.596 (0.598)0.3194

Baseline physical activity
 Low−47.7 (1.50)<0.00017.11 (0.707)<0.0001
 Moderate−25.8 (1.51) <0.00014.20 (0.719)<0.0001

BMI status
 Overweight or obese1.92 (3.21)0.5512−0.785 (0.901)0.3894
 Healthy weightReferentReferent
 Missing1.88 (2.35)0.4252−0.0527 (0.657)0.9362

School neighbourhood characteristics

School location
 Rural−10.6 (2.25)<0.00011.49 (0.658)0.0234

Socioeconomic status
 Low−9.09 (2.27)<0.00011.75 (0.664)0.0086

Fixed effects of intercepts for each model are not shown.
Standard errors are shown in parentheses.
Referent categories are identified as “referent.”