Journal of Obesity / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Clinical Study

Gender Differences in the Appetite Response to a Satiating Diet

Table 4

Appetite sensations at the first () and fourth () feeding weeks in men and women.

Men ()Women ()TimeGender-by-time
MeanSEMMeanSEMMeanSEMMeanSEM value value

Mean appetite ratings before meals (mm)
 Desire to eat87.
 Prospective food consumption87.33.9101.63.995.04.498.44.30.0020.04
 Appetite score90.24.399.14.396.04.8100.44.70.0090.36
Mean appetite ratings after meals (mm)
 Desire to eat14.12.420.22.414.92.812.
 Prospective food consumption16.52.422.32.410.02.711.
 Appetite score16.92.322.12.313.92.613.
Mean satiety quotient (mm/100 kcal)

Increase in prospective food consumption was observed only in men, .
There was no meal type by time effect for any of the appetite sensations for which a time or gender-by-time interaction was found. Consequently, all data are provided as estimated means of all meals combined from the linear mixed-effects model with their standard errors.
Statistical analyses were performed with MIXED procedures.
Statistical analysis was performed on transformed values.