Table 1: Summary of cognitive domains, tests, and measures.

Cognitive domainTestsMeasures

ImpulsivityGo/no-goVariability of reaction time (Go)
Go/no-goTotal errors
AttentionContinuous performance taskReaction time
Continuous performance taskFalse alarm errors
Continuous performance taskFalse miss errors
Information processingSwitching of attentionCompletion time (digits and letters)
Switching of attentionErrors (digits and letters)
Choice reaction timeReaction time
MemoryMemory recall and recognitionTotal immediate recall
Memory recall and recognitionLong-delay (distractor) recall
Digit span forwardsNumber recalled correctly
Digit span backwardsNumber recalled correctly
Executive functionMaze testCompletion time
Maze testOverrun errors

The switching of attention task was the trail making test, part B.