Table 1: Sociodemographic characteristics of the study population in Oslo and Hargeisa.

Men, Oslo, 109Hargeisa, 145 value

Age, mean (SD)39.7 (11.7)38.2 (16.1)0.409
Education, (%)
 No education031.7<0.01
Occuption (%)
 Others (sick/maternal leave and retired)8.114
Marital status (%)
 Not married27.341.40.02
 Others (separate and divorced)7.32.1

Women, Oslo, 111Hargeisa, 955

Age, mean (SD)37.7 (10.1)39.1 (14.1)0.312
Education (%)
 No education2.766.4<0.01
Occupation (%)
 Others (sick/maternal leave and retired)16.31.5
Marital status (%)
 Not married25.017.30.01
 Others (separated and divorced)10.74.3

χ2 test for categorical variables and t-test for continuous variables.