Table 1: EPA/DHA levels in different species of fish and their mercury contamination (adopted from Omega3HealthElite Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement-High).

Fish species and descriptionDHA + EPA mg per 100 gMercury level in μgContamination ratingFish categories

Salmon, Atlantic, cooked18404LowBest choice
Salmon coho, farmed, cooked12794LowBest choice
Anchovy, European, canned in oil20553.1LowBest choice
Oyster, Pacific, cooked13762.2LowBest choice
Sardine, Atlantic, canned in oil9822.2LowBest choice
Pollock, Atlantic, cooked5425.64LowBest choice
Flatfish (flounder and sole species), cooked5012.18LowBest choice
Salmon, coho, wild, cooked10594LowBest choice
Catfish, channel, wild, cooked2374.55LowBest choice
Haddock, cooked23810MediumBest choice
Trout, cooked115412.9MediumBest choice
Smelt, rainbow, cooked88914.7MediumBest choice
Herring, Pacific, cooked212515.3MediumBest choice
Mackerel, Pacific (chub), cooked184816MediumBest choice
Spiny lobster, cooked48016.9MediumBest choice
Sheepshead, cooked19016.9MediumBest choice
Carp, cooked45120MediumBest choice
Cod, Pacific, cooked27620.2MediumBest choice
Lingcod, cooked26320.2MediumBest choice
Ocean perch, Atlantic, cooked37422MediumBest choice
Tuna, white, canned86223.3MediumGood choice
Tilefish, cooked, Atlantic90526.2MediumGood choice
Bass, striped, cooked96727.7MediumGood choice
Mackerel, Atlantic, cooked120333.1HighBest choice
Halibut, Greenland, cooked117843.9HighGood choice
Halibut, Atlantic and Pacific, cooked46543.9HighGood choice
Tuna, yellowfin, fresh, cooked27964.4HighGood choice
Sablefish, cooked178765.7HighGood choice
Bluefish, cooked98867HighGood choice
Tuna, fresh, bluefin and bigeye, cooked1504125.4Very highAvoid
Mackerel, king, cooked401132.9Very highAvoid
Swordfish, cooked819181.1Very highAvoid
Tilefish, Gulf of Mexico, cooked905263.9Very highAvoid