Journal of Obesity / 2020 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Development and Cross-Validation of Anthropometric Predictive Equations to Estimate Total Body Fat Percentage in Adult Women in Sri Lanka

Table 1

Measurement landmarks of circumferences and SFTs [3, 16].

Site of circumference or SFTLandmarks of measurements

MUACMeasured at midway between the lateral projection of the acromion process of the scapula and the inferior margin of the olecranon process of the ulna
ThCMeasured at midway between the midpoint of the inguinal crease and the proximal border of the patella
CaCMeasured at the maximal circumference of the calf
WCMeasured at midway between iliac crest and lower rib margin at the end of normal expiration
HCMeasured at the widest part of the buttocks at intertrochantric level
TrSFTMeasured at the vertical fold of posterior midline of the upper arm, halfway between the acromion (shoulder) and olecranon processes (elbow), while the arm held freely at the side of the body
BSFTMeasured at the vertical fold, anterior aspect of the arm over the belly of the biceps muscle, 1 cm above the level used to mark the triceps site
ThSFTMeasured at the vertical fold anterior midline of the thigh, midway between the proximal border of the patella (upper knee) and the inguinal crease (hip)
CaSFTMeasured at the vertical fold, maximum circumference of the calf on the midline of the medial border.
SISFTMeasured at the diagonal fold, anterior axillary line; immediately superior to the iliac crest, in line with the natural angle of the iliac crest taken, midaxillary line (traditional technique), superior to the iliac crest
SCSFTMeasured at the diagonal fold, 1 to 2 cm below the inferior angle of the scapula

MUAC = midupper arm circumference; CaC = calf circumference; ThC = thigh circumference; WC = waist circumference; HC = hip circumference; TrSFT = triceps skinfold thickness; BSFT = biceps skinfold thickness; CaSFT = calf skinfold thickness; ThSFT = thigh skinfold thickness; SISFT = suprailiac skinfold thickness; SCSFT = subscapular skinfold thickness.