Journal of Obesity / 2020 / Article / Tab 6

Research Article

Development and Cross-Validation of Anthropometric Predictive Equations to Estimate Total Body Fat Percentage in Adult Women in Sri Lanka

Table 6

Cross-validation of developed equations; regression analysis with Group B and limits of agreements (n = 175).

EquationRegression analysisLimits of agreements (mean difference ± 1.96 SD)
Correlation coefficient (r)Determination coefficient (R2)Standard error of estimate (SEE)

TBFP10.800.653.10−6.45 to 5.69
TBFP20.830.692.93−6.11 to 5.41
TBFP40.840.722.78−5.78 to 5.10

TBFP = total body fat percentage; SD = standard deviation. r = correlation coefficient, R2 = determination coefficient, and SEE = standard error of estimate. Correlations are significant at <0.001.