Clinical Study

Application of Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography in Pediatric Ophthalmology

Table 1

Characteristics of the pediatric population submitted to anterior segment OCT.

Patient no.GenderAge (years)Eye Presumed clinical diagnosis

1M6OUMucopolysaccharidosis type IV
3F11OUMucopolysaccharidosis type IV
4M2ODDermoid cyst
5F12OSPerforating corneal trauma
6M0.17 (2 mo)OSMesoectodermal dysgenesis
7F6OSMesoectodermal dysgenesis
9F11ODCornea transplant and glaucoma drainage tube
11F10ODUveitis, peripheral anterior synechia and cataract
12M7OUCongenital glaucoma
13F11OUIntermediate uveitis
14F11OUNeovascular glaucoma
15M12OUKeratoglobus OD, keratoconus OS
16F12ODGlaucoma drainage tube
17M11OSCiliary body lesion with anterior peripheral synechiae
18F5OUCongenital cataract, microphthalmia and iris coloboma
19M11ODKeratoconus and hydrops

Legend: M: male; F: female; OU: both eyes; OD: right eye; OS: left eye.