Journal of Ophthalmology / 2012 / Article / Tab 4

Clinical Study

Time-Domain and Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer in MS Patients and Healthy Controls

Table 4

Overview published studies comparing RNFLT in SD-OCT versus TD-OCT.

AuthorSD-OCT usedStudy population (eyes)Results

Chang et al. [5]Cirrus54 glaucoma
50 controls
Cirrus is equivalent to Stratus for detecting glaucoma
Knight et al. [6]Cirrus101 glaucoma
29 controls
Cirrus 7 μm lower then Stratus in both groups
Leung et al. [7]Cirrus83 glaucoma
97 controls
Cirrus 12 μm lower for control, 6 μm lower in glaucoma
Sung et al. [8]Cirrus103 glaucoma
60 controls
Cirrus 13 μm lower for control, 14 μm lower in glaucoma
Vizzeri et al. [9]Cirrus78 glaucoma
32 controls
Cirrus 8 μm lower for control, 6 μm lower in glaucoma
Kim et al. [10]Cirrus27 controlsCirrus 10 μm lower
Gonzalez-Garcia et al. [11]RTVue-10076 glaucoma
60 controls
RTVue 2 μm higher
Seibold et al. [12]Cirrus, Spectralis, RTVue-10080 controlsSpectralis 3 μm lower, Cirrus 12 μm lower, RTVue 3 μm higher,
Arthur et al. [13]Spectralis30 controlsSpectralis 6 μm lower
Watson et al. [14]3D OCT-1000, Cirrus, RTVue-100, Spectralis50 MSSpectralis 3 μm lower, Cirrus 8 μm lower, RTVue 3 μm higher, 3D OCT-1000 2 μm higher
Bock et al. [15]Cirrus110 MSCirrus 8 μm lower