Clinical Study

Vascular Tortuosities of the Upper Eyelid: A New Clinical Finding in Fabry Patient Screening

Table 1

Grading scale proposed for blood vessels tortuosity of the upper eyelid.

GradeVessels tortuosityMicroaneurysms

1 (none)No tortuosity nor vessels abnormality seen None

2 (low)Dilated, prominent vessels, at the surface, non-tortuous, in limited areas (<50%) of the superior lidNone

3 (moderate)Dilated, tortuous vessels, affecting >50% of the superior lid surface. Telangiectasia can be seen.Present (at least 1)

4 (severe)Dilated, tortuous vessels, extending from nasal to temporal side. Telangiectasia is present. Present (2 or more)