Research Article

RNA Interference Targeting Connective Tissue Growth Factor Inhibits the Transforming Growth Factor-β2 Induced Proliferation in Human Tenon Capsule Fibroblasts

Figure 3

siRNA inhibition of CTGF mRNA expression. Serum starved HTFs were transfected with CTGF-siRNAs (siRNA1–siRNA5) or control siRNA, respectively, before being stimulated with TGF-β 2 for 24 h. (a) Comparison of relative expression of CTGF mRNA in cultured HTFs transfected with different siRNAs. Data were from three experiments. * , ** versus TGF-β 2(+). (b) Comparison of transcription levels of CTGF in HTFs under different conditions. Data were from three experiments. # versus HTFs stimulated without TGF-β 2 in control group. * versus HTFs treated with TGF-β 2 only.