Research Article

Inconsistencies Exist in National Estimates of Eye Care Services Utilization in the United States

Table 4

A comparison of utilization of office-based physician services across databases in the US.

Weighted number of adultsWeighted number of visitsWeighted percent of adults visiting a physician

Number of visits to an MD/DO in 12 months by adults (18 years or older):
 2012 MEPS160,637,294829,664,09367.7
 2010 NAMCSN/A817,302,463N/A

Number of adults (18 years or older) who received a routine checkup by physician in 12 months:
 2012 NHIS154,957,097N/A67.1
 2012 BRFSS161,513,385N/A67.7
 2012 MEPS154,480,018N/A67.5