Journal of Ophthalmology / 2015 / Article / Fig 1

Clinical Study

A Comparative Study between Vitrectomy with Internal Tamponade and a New Modified Fiber Optic Illuminated Ando Plombe for Cases of Macular Hole Retinal Detachment in Myopic Eyes

Figure 1

Surgical procedure. (a) Partially bending the Ando plombe to get the desired indentation. (b) A 23-gauge needle inserted towards the indenting head of the explant. (c) A disposable Chandelier fiber (27-gauge) was inserted toward the center of the heel. (d) The terminal knob is illuminated. (e) Placement of the buckle guided with anatomical landmarks. (f) Temporary sutures were taken 18 mm from the limbus between superior and inferior oblique muscle insertions 7 mm apart to keep the Ando plombe from rotating. (g) The glowing head progression could be seen easily owing to the strong illumination of the fiber optic light. (h) Intravitreal air injected to adjust the IOP. (i) The plombe is then secured in place.