(a) E-cadherin
(b) N-cadherin
(c) Beta-catenin
(d) ZO-1
(e) Cnx43
(f) CK4
(g) DeltaNp63
(h) Ki-67
(i) E-cadherin
(j) Cnx43
(k) DeltaNp63
(l) Ki-67
Figure 2: Immunofluorescent staining analyzing epithelial barrier and proliferation markers of CAOMECS (a to h) and control oral mucosal tissue sections (i to l). In green (magnification ×40) (a) and (i) are E-cadherin (arrow), (b) is N-cadherin, (c) is beta-catenin, and (d) is ZO-1. Nuclear staining is achieved using DAPI (blue) or propidium iodide (red). In green (magnification ×40), (e) and (j) are Cnx43 (arrow), (g) and (k) (magnification ×20) are DeltaNp63, and (h) and (l) are Ki-67 (arrow). (f) A staining for CK4 in green (magnification ×40). (m) is an H&E staining of CAOMECS.