Figure 3: Suggested range for initial target IOP for each eye (a) with ≥ 30% reduction from baseline; (b) with 30% to 35% reduction from baseline; (c) with ≥ 25% reduction from baseline; (d) with ≥ 20% reduction from baseline. In patients with severe optic nerve damage, those with rapidly progressing disease or with other risk factors (i.e., family history, advanced age, pseudoexfoliation, pigment dispersion syndrome, uveitis, steroid use, or disc hemorrhage), selecting target IOP lower than 25% of the pretreatment IOP is justified. Other factors such as the rapidity of progression and the severity of disease in the other eye should be taken into consideration. Conversely, choosing a less aggressive IOP range may be reasonable if the risks of aggressive treatment outweigh the benefits (i.e., comorbidities and older age).