Table 2: Fundus and angiographic characteristic of eyes with FCEs associated with CSC.

FCECorrelation between FCE and leakage/hyper areaFCESurrounding choroidal hyperpermeabilityFCESurrounding increased flow

1YellowishHyperHypoWithin leakage pointHypoYes (vessel dilation)DarkYesNA
2YellowishHypoWithin leakageWithin leakage pointNANANANANA
3NANASlight WDAdjacent to granular hyperNANANANANA
4YellowishHypoHypo surrounding WDWithin leakage pointNANANANANA
5YellowishNASlight WDWithin leakage pointNANANANANA
6PMHypoSlight WDAdjacent to leakage pointNANANANANA
7 (OD)YellowishHypoWithin granular hyperWithin granular hyperHypoYes (vessel dilation)DarkYes (slight)Well-defined black
  (OS)ReddishHypoStippled WDHypoYes (vessel dilation)DarkYesBlurred grayish
8YellowishMixedSlight WDAdjacent to hyper areaHypoYesNANANA
9YellowishMixedWDWithin granular hyperHypoYesNANANA
10PMNAWithin granular hyperWithin granular hyperHypoYes (vessel dilation)NANANA
11PMHypoWDExtra leakage pointHypoYesDarkYesNA
12PMHypoWDWithin granular hyperHypoYes (vessel dilation)DarkYesNA
PMHypoWDWithin granular hyper areaHypoYes (vessel dilation)DarkYesNA
13YellowishMixedWDExtra leakage pointHypoYesDarkYesBlurred grayish
14YellowishNASlight hypoWithin leakage pointNANADarkYes (slight)NA
15PMMixedHypo surrounding WDWithin granular hyper areaHypoYesDarkYesWell-defined black
16PMMixedWithin granular hyperWithin granular hyper areaNANADarkYesWell-defined black
17 (OS)ReddishSlight hyperSlight hypoAdjacent to leakage pointHypoYesDarkYesBlurred grayish
  (OD)YellowishSlight hyperSlight hypoHypoYesDarkYesBlurred grayish
YellowishSlight hyperSlight hypoHypoYesDarkYes (slight)Blurred grayish

NA = not available; PM = pigmentary mottling; WD = window defect; Hypo = hypofluorescence; Hyper = hyperfluorescence.
Patient 7 had bilateral lesions (2 FCEs): the right eye with 1 FCE was concurrent with CSC, and the left eye with 1 FCE was asymptomatic.
Patient 12 had two distinct lesions in the same eye concurrent with CSC.
In patient 15, secondary choroidal neovascular network was visible on choriocapillaris slab of OCTA.
Patient 17 had bilateral lesions (3 FCEs): the right eye with 1 FCE was concurrent with CSC, and the left eye with 2 distinct FCEs was asymptomatic.
Dark area in OCTA means no blood flow signal.
MSI: from 620 nm to 850 nm.