Figure 4: Effects of MAPK and NF-κB inhibitors on hyperosmoticity-induced secretion of IL-6 by CE cells. Cells were cultured with isoosmotic medium (0) or hyperosmotic medium (H) with or without various pathway inhibitors, including UO1026 (ERK inhibitor, ERK + H); SP600125 (JNK inhibitor, JNK + H); SB203580 (p38 inhibitor, p38 + H); and BAY11-7082 (NF-κB inhibitor, NF-κB + H). IL-6 levels in conditioned medium were measured by using IL-6 ELISA kit. Hyperosmotic medium significantly increased IL-6 levels (). JNK, p38, and NF-κB inhibitors significantly inhibited hyperosmoticity-induced increase of IL-6 by CE cells (). ERK inhibitors did not affect hyperosmoticity-induced increase of IL-6.