Table 1: Corvis ST repeatability and reproducibility IOP and DCR indices.


IOP (mmHg)14.730.980.0662.71461.120.0763.1024
DA Max (mm)
DefA Max (mm)0.910.030.0370.08310.040.0530.1108
DAratio in 2 mm4.290.130.0320.36010.230.0540.6371
DAratio in 1 mm1.570.0190.0120.052630.0250.0120.06925
Integrated radius (mm−1)
Maximum inverse radius (mm−1)0.1390.0030.0240.008310.0060.0460.01662
A1 velocity (m/s)0.150.0080.0540.022160.0120.0790.03324

IOP: intraocular pressure; bIOP: biomechanical-corrected IOP; DA Max: maximum deformation amplitude; DefA Max: maximum deflection amplitude; DAratio: deformation amplitude ratio; integrated radius: integrated sum of inverse radius between the first and second applanation events; maximum inverse radius: inverse concave radius at the highest concavity moment; A1 velocity: speed of the corneal apex at applanation.